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Minnico Fridge Water Dispenser

Minnico is a multiple use 3-L water dispenser, intended for your home and family. Thanks to its compactness, Minnico fits easily in the fridge, on the kitchen countertop, or on your dining table.

Photo of Minnico Plastic Fridge Dispenser

Minnico combines the advantages of a Bag-in-box packaging (square shape which saves space) with these of a standard office water dispensers (which allows you to fill a glass of chilled water with a single push of a button).

For those, who like chilled water 

Minnico Fridge Water Dispenser is designed for easy handling, so it’s a breeze to take it in and out of your fridge. It’s space-saving shape is ideal for such application, as the space in the fridge is often scarce.
With Minnico you get 3 litres of chilled water in only 1-2 hours, and you fill your glass with a single opening of the fridge! 
A glass of chilled water with a single push of a button!

It is so compact that you would hardly believe it holds 3 litres! 
It takes up less space than a 1,5 L bottle.

Product Advantages

  • Minnico Fridge Water Dispenser has a large opening which allows for easy filling and cleaning.
  • It saves you the inconvenience of having to fill a glass of water from a large bottle.
  • It is compact and lightweight and you can take it with you wherever you need it.
  • Thanks to the large opening you can add ice cubes inside and enjoy cooled water for longer.