Product Features

An Exquisite Beverage Dispenser

Minnico Ceramic Tabletop Water Dispenser combines functionality and elegant design to become a desirable addition to your home and interior

Minnico Ceramic Tabletop Water Dispenser offers instant access to water and beverages.

Its simple design enhances its durability and makes it easy to fit in nearly any space in your home or workplace.

It can hold up to 5 litres of water, homemade lemonade, ice tea, juice, wine or other beverages.

Minnico Ceramic Tabletop Water Dispenser in Rustic/Imperial Gold Finish
Minnico Ceramic Tabletop Water Dispenser in Rustic/Imperial Gold Finish

Elegant Design

A unique decoration for every interior

Minnico Ceramic Dispenser is a beautiful add-on to your kitchen and dining area, living room, patio or veranda.

You can choose from 7 body colours that can be combined with 4 different metal taps. That gives you the option to personalize it and make it your own!

Minnico Ceramic Dispenser, with its elegant design, will make a beautiful and original housewarming gift, wedding, anniversary and birthday present.


High quality product with a handmade finish

Made of high quality porcelain by renowned manufacturers, Minnico Ceramic Water Dispenser is durable and can be used for a long time.

Porcelain is the highest range among ceramic materials. 

Each unit is individually glazed by hand which gives it its unique finish. Minor variations are a natural result of the handmade production process.

Second firing with glaze at 1200 °C provides strength and excellent physical and chemical properties.

Made of sustainable materials, approved food contact materials as per EU directives.


Minnico Ceramic Water Dispenser comes with a stainless steel tap – elegant, ergonomic and robust.

Shaped silicon gaskets ensure a tight fit.


Why you’ll love Minnico

White ceramic Dispenser with Lid

Large opening for easy filling and cleaning 

Easy dispensing – fill your glass with a single move 

Great satisfaction – so easy to handle 

Now even large bottles (5 L / 10 L) are easy to handle 

Great solution for the elderly, children and others that want to avoid lifting heavy bottles 

Outstanding Design

Easy To Adapt To Every Interior Thanks To The Different Glaze And Tap Colours Available

Makes A Beautiful Gift